Tessellate - 1000 Piece Puzzle

$42.00 USD

Tessellate is a 1000 piece puzzle geometric lover's dream!

  • 1000 piece premium quality puzzle
  • Random cut pieces - no two pieces are the same! 
  • Comes with drawstring bag and premium quality box
  • Comes with large puzzle poster to assist with completion.
  • Completed puzzle size 20" x 27" (50cm x 70cm)
  • 2mm thick puzzle pieces

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Products

I started getting into puzzling during covid and now love following all the new brands. My Puzzlelove is such a beautiful product, I ordered the geometric puzzle and completed it in one weekend. Yes, they are a little on the pricier side, but the quality is definitely there, so I think its worth the extra few dollars.


loved putting this together. high quality everything.
but when i went to put it in my 20x27 frame, it did not fit!
the box's measurements are incorrect. they are 27.5x19.8[ish]
and yes, i should have measured finished puzzle before buying
frame... in the end, it's not a huge problem, and i still give it five stars :)

Kuljit Gill
Nothing But Love for PuzzleLove

I saw a review for this brand on youtube - right when I was getting into jigsaw puzzles as a result and, let me tell you, this company exceeded all my expectations. Yeah, its a little pricer than Target but the pieces really were thick, sturdy and durable. I know I will be able to redo this puzzle over and over again. The color/print was vibrant and glossy.

The packaging was also one of my favorite parts. Love that there’s a canvas bag for the pieces and not plastic. The magnetic box is fun and something I’ve never seen done with a puzzle box before.

The only thing that bummed me out was there are only two puzzles currently on the site :(

Waiting for more fun patterns and abstracts. This is a brand I will definitely be watching.

Erica Ruzhinsky
My family loves it!

I sent this to my family, who is both very into puzzles and design. They were obsessed! Here is what they texted me when it was received! It is perfect for people that love puzzling and aesthetics!

“WE GOT THE PUZZLE!!! It is GORGEOUS and omg the packaging??? Stunning.”

Sandra Ray

Tessellate - 1000 Piece Puzzle

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